How to turn unused rooms into walk-in wardrobes

Those who live extensively have the luxury of being able to design one or the other unused room as a walk-in wardrobe. This is particularly recommended if this living space is in the immediate vicinity of the bedroom and replaced storage furniture for clothing completely. Storage space in the form of boxes, boxes and shelves for shoe cabinets and chests of drawers may also be discarded if a walk-in wardrobe unites all these objects and surfaces. As a peculiar mix of room and closet it is advisable to approach the transformation to the dressing room professionally. A well thought-out architectural layout will ease the organization in the dressing room and lead the project to an efficient outcome. What it takes to turn an empty room into a walk-in closet will be experienced in this book of ideas.


To be able to optionally use a walk-in wardrobe, it requires a lighting filling the room. How else can you decide for the right clothes in the closet or go to the mirror with a safe assessment to assess your own outfit? Luminaires with high luminous efficacy must be considered her. In the picture of our expert you can see an ensemble of pendant lights that hang like a string of lights together and from the ceiling to distribute light in the dressing room. As naked bulbs without a screen, these bulbs donate light unhindered, which is thrown off in enormous quantities in the walk-in closet. This lighting variant for walk-in wardrobes is interesting, decorative and, moreover, efficient. Because they do not want to be one thing above all: dark clothing chambers.

interior architect

Planning a walk-in closet promises the most success if you assign an interior designer to the project. Especially when it comes to architecturally enlarging a small space. Experts can advise you on your options. Walls do not always have to be torn down for the enlargement of the room; even the clever introduction of built-in furniture can largely preserve the area of ​​the floor plan and influence the spatial effect through a new perception of the dimensions. The interior designer can help you best when planning the new walk-in closet, if you assess in advance how many garments in the room should be accommodated in the future. Imagine the question of whether parts must hang and which are folded. Do you also have shoes that are to be located in the walk-in closet? You see, many questions and personal preferences come into consideration when planning and designing dressing rooms. 

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ground plan

The floor plan will provide the basis for the design of the new walk-in closet. In small rooms, it is advisable to trust the order in built-in wardrobes, behind the doors and drawers your clothes will be stowed. Especially clothing that hangs or lies in an open closet makes your eyes restless and makes a small dressing room look crammed fast. Therefore, in small walk-in closets the highest order of order and cleanliness, so you enjoy it for a long time. On a generous surface, an open rule may be released, in which the garments are sorted according to type and color. These can be detected quickly with the eyes and are always at hand.


After you have gone through the spatial planning of the walk-in wardrobe with the interior designer and the fixtures, cabinets and shelves were tailored to your needs, it is now time to turn to action. Not the interior designer, but the carpenter will now be at your side to adjust the built-in wardrobes to the room exactly. Personally and individually, a dressing room can not be designed and rightly so. The dressing room is your kingdom, where only you have to look for - after your garments! Since order is half the life, thanks to the interior designer and carpenter, your new organization system will be integrated into the walk-in wardrobe. You can also label, otherwise label or systematically organize boxes and boxes.  


Do not miss mirrors in a walk-in closet. Here is the rule of thumb: the larger a dressing room, the more mirrors the room needs. Imagine that there is a section for shoes in a spacious dressing room, another for trousers and outerwear, and another for accessories and jewelery. In all these places will be tried and tested. Doing it again and again to the mirror would be nothing more than annoying. Therefore, one is well advised, if mirrors hang in the immediate vicinity of these sections of space. In the area of ​​accessories, a small make-up mirror that hangs face-down, while a wide, narrow mirror above the floor makes it easier to examine the footwear. Before leaving the walk-in closet you should meet a large full-length mirror and give his final reflection a final OK.


A walk-in closet is a useful luxury that should be designed as such. This not only includes the order
given planning by carpenters and interior designers, but also that
own decoration skills. Vases can accommodate beautiful cut flowers
have and re-decorate the walk-in closet every few days.
These conjure up freshness in the room and create a happy sight.
walk-in closets are purely functional spaces that little
have residential and in many facilities only one
represent oversized cabinet. The unused space that is now too
a walk-in closet, you integrate with
natural decoration elements back into your overall living space. Thereby
The walk-in closet not only works for you, but also for
Relatives attractive and gladly committed. Again, you can learn more about the design of dressing rooms.

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