Room doors can be so varied

The largest masonry opening in a room is always the room door. As an indispensable part of the functionality of each room, it allows closing the passage and thus the demarcation of the relevant living space compared to the other rooms of a house or apartment. The room door ensures heat, sound and fire protection in an apartment and serves at the same time by the design possibilities of hinged door leaf or door leaves as a very important ornamental element in the house or apartment. How nice even apartment doors can beautify an interior and thus a room, we show you the example of our first picture.

Design meets functionality - even for apartment entrance doors and front doors

The Biffar GmbH & Co. KG has specialized in shapely and at the same time always functional house and apartment doors. In the past, doors were usually made by a carpenter, but the complexity of the tasks they now have to fulfill in modern living spaces places far greater demands on the materials and skills of manufacturers. Here we find the classic stop door with movable door leaf made of light solid wood. However, the striking optical contrast of the door to the darker brown tone of the walls and the noble parquet floor is particularly effective and successful. The door handle is designed as a timeless modern door handle in minimalist-functional design and made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Coated steel additionally ensures a special stability and value of the entire solid door frame of this system. Especially in urban housing estates, high demands are often placed on the security aspect of such a front door. So it should not only be decorative and enrich the interior with a lavishly designed door leaf or visually appealing fittings, but they must often burglar-resistant, or even already burglar proof.

Many possibilities in execution and design

The Kuhn GmbH presents us here a little insight into the diversity of the execution of a modern room door. Today it can not only be designed as the classic stop door, but, as here, for example as a so-called honeycomb panel sliding door. This honeycomb panel sliding door fits particularly well to the objective-reduced style of the entire room, emphasizes its functional beauty and provides the residents by their design as a sliding door, in addition, maximum space in the room. Again, the aesthetic white of the sliding door harmonizes with the color scheme of the wall in the back room, while at the same time creating a particularly effective contrast to the black of the wall covering on the right side of the room, which gives the room an interesting dynamic.

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Note the color and material of a door

The Hamburg professionals for bathroom furniture, F&F Floor and Furniture, demonstrate how room doors made of real wood and solid wood furniture can complement each other particularly effectively. The material, surface and color of the door and the furniture harmonize perfectly, making the room a coherent whole. When selecting the color scheme of a room and when furnishing, therefore, always the characteristic of the respective door should be considered. If the color and material of the door are reflected in the rest of the furniture and accessories of a room, this can create an unmistakable personality and mood in the room in question.

Design rooms also through the room door

Room doors must match the character of a house or apartment. The color, surface and additional accessories of the door, such as the handle set, the door hinges and the fittings as well as the door frame, are to be selected and designed accordingly. Here, in our case, the right wood-look door was chosen for a wooden wall. Color, material and design underline the rustic character of the room, whereby the dark brown again forms an interesting contrast to the light wood of the walls and harmoniously corresponds with the dark ceiling beams. This gives the room its unmistakable characteristic in the country house style.

Historic room doors preserved as possible

Before a very special challenge is usually the home owner asked, who has acquired a historic building and now wants to renovate it in style. It is always rewarding, as demonstrated by our example, to preserve existing room doors and also to renovate. If it is possible, for example, with the help of a carpenter or interior designer, to eliminate existing damage to woodworm, to preserve the door and to enhance the visual appearance, the original character of a historic room can be preserved unaltered and spray a very special charm. Such a building, whose historic windows and doors could be completely preserved, spreads a very special and at the same time idiosyncratic aura, from the wine cellar to the attic. Incidentally, there are tips and suggestions for mysterious properties right here.

Show beautifully grained real wood

The door has been traditionally made of real wood in many buildings. Often, however, it was later painted over or pasted over with foil. However, our image example shows here that it can be extremely worthwhile for the effect of a room to completely remove foils and subsequently applied layers of paint on a room door and thus to expose a beautifully grained door leaf made of real wood. Oiled, waxed or painted over with clear lacquer, such a beautifully grained genuine wooden door with its heavy iron fittings and hinges then becomes a true adornment and an effective eye-catcher in the room.

Also renovate room doors

The room door, like the window, is an essential means of expression, which gives the room its characteristics. How to change the furniture in it from time to time or paint the walls should also be thought of to renovate the room door. In particular, the door panel should be free from damage and the handle set to fit the overall style of a room. Again, it shows how a striking contrast in color between the door and the wall can considerably increase the effect of a room and its drama. The noble wood look of the door already acts as a welcoming business card of the room.

Room doors as props of the room

The room door is not just a material to close the largest wall opening in the wall. It is chosen harmoniously and adapted to the central function and message of a room, to the very decisive prop of a room. Here, the door is deliberately used to create the typical mood of an Asian bedroom with just a few subtle strokes of the pen. The wide double-leaf door closes the room to the outside, thus making it functionally a quiet zone. At the same time, however, it becomes a very subtle and atmospheric light source.

Room divider and light source

Two other essential functions that the room door has to fulfill today in modern living space are those as a room divider and as a light source. Like shelves or room dividers, the door of the room also structures the room, making it sometimes variable in size and shape. However, it also enjoys great popularity as an additional welcome source of daylight, by the window. Large glass doors in wooden or metal frames or often completely frameless, are therefore becoming an increasingly popular design element of our living spaces.

Indispensable in the ensemble of interior design

Here, the room door presents itself particularly successful in terms of color and surface design. The color of the door is harmoniously taken up by the ceiling, the furniture and the upholstery. The door thus not only acts as a simple functional part of the room, but also becomes an integrated stylistic element, like a picture, a ledge or like a pillar fitted into the room. It thus becomes an essential element of interior design, which can decisively influence the effect of the room.

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