Dark cellar becomes design sauna

Hot steam, which is absorbed with essential oils and herbs from every single pore of the body - saunas know to fully enjoy these moments of relaxation and animation. Many people dream of benefiting from this wellness factor even from home. The builders of a Hamburg city villa fulfilled this wish and have turned a former air raid shelter into a private recreation area. Thus, the basement room has been transformed into a wellness area with a high-quality sauna, for which the experts of Corso Sauna Manufaktur GmbH were responsible. The fantastic before / after project shows the pictures below.

Former air raid shelter ...

Transforming a former air raid shelter of a Hamburg city villa into a sauna landscape, the team of experts certainly did not expect such a special project. However, the owners did not want to leave the cellar room unused and provided for their own wellness area. Gray, bare walls and little light once characterized the room, which was also very dark due to the low ceiling height and had a constricting effect. However, 30 square meters of usable space are far too good a deal to make any use of. Instead of using this space as a storage space, you can make it more useful. If it also affects your own well-being, this is a clear win-win situation, which the experts knew how to realize very well, as evidenced by the impressive after-result. 

... will design sauna ...

What a transformation! From the former air raid shelter is no longer recognizable, here has now but a sauna in a class of its own. The generously sized room was optimally used and provided with an L-shaped hot air bath. The shape opens up due to the expiring benches, which promise the sauna in addition size. Whether as a visually appealing element or as a convenient storage space for towels and other textiles - the benches are versatile. and allow flexibility in use. A glass front was used for spatial separation. Due to the transparency of the modern material, however, an open concept is preserved, in addition it lets the room breathe.

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... made of high quality materials ...

Bright aspen wood and glass give the sauna an elegant, timeless look. The cabin was built with a horizontally laid double groove profile. This type of construction is extremely complex and requires the highest precision in the artisanal execution. In addition, the experts attached particular importance to a strong and thus stable, distortion-free design with frame wood substructure. In order to meet the impeccable design, the connections of the individual wall elements were concealed. The inserted feathers in dark color create an exciting contrast and give the appearance of the hot air bath character. Made to measure, the result is a high quality design sauna that serves as a relaxing retreat amidst a hectic city. 

... and with absolute comfort!

In addition to the use of glass, the cabin is given the same lightness by the floating construction of the loungers. The heart of the sauna is the form-fitting design stove myth from EOS, which is equipped with cubic stones and a loudspeaker system. The latter provides for relaxing sounds during the sauna. The equipment is rounded off by LED lighting. This not only sets the sauna in scene, but also ensures a gentle and relaxing illumination due to the warm white light. While the shower was located in the anteroom, there is a relaxation area right next to the sauna, where you can let the moment of relaxation fade away perfectly. 

Former nursery becomes design sauna

Also we do not want to deprive you of this luxurious hot air bath of Corso Sauna Manufaktur GmbH. From a former nursery the experts have created a first-class wellness area. Bright tiles, glass as well as iridescent partition walls form the framework for the natural furnishings made of fine aspen wood and thermo-oak. In order to preserve the special color of the oak, the material was treated with a specially developed process. This gives the wood a unique look. Heated loungers, a rain shower shower and a TV and fake fireplace complete this spa area perfectly and promise: pure relaxation! 

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