Which kitchen style suits your personality?

Puristic or eclectic, rustic or elegant: If you are allowed to design your own dream kitchen completely - what would it look like? We
have taken a look at six trendy styles for you and show them
you, how you can implement your favorite look at home.

1. Industrial

You like generous lofts that still look at their past as a factory or warehouse, and you love the rough, authentic charm of materials like concrete, steel, and old wood? Then an industrial style kitchen is just the thing for you. By the way, you do not have to live in the loft. The materials already described can also be implemented in normal homes and apartments. In addition neutral colors, clear lines and casual furniture and accessories with industrial flair - finished is the hip, cool kitchen that suits you perfectly.

2. Boho

In the boho kitchen creativity, freedom and joie de vivre prevail. On conventions and regulations is whistled here. Instead, they give themselves unadjusted and also like something eccentric. Colors, shapes and patterns are merrily mixed, old and new are jumbled together and different styles are loosely combined. Ethnic style meets hippie chic for a fun, unique kitchen look with that twist.

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3. Minimalist

Minimalist kitchens, whose design is reduced to the essentials, are currently enjoying great popularity. The most important ingredients: lots of white, clean lines, handleless fronts, as few accessories as possible and a thoroughly clean, tidy look.

4. Scandinavian

Another trend-setter in kitchen trends is the Scandinavian style, which relies on relaxed naturalness, functionality and sustainability. In such a kitchen, the focus is on the practical, accompanied by a reduced, understated and modern design, which dispenses with superfluous bells and whistles. Light wood and bright white are the main characters and are complemented by other natural tones and / or gentle pastel nuances. Also indispensable: high quality natural materials and loving, but practical accessories that provide comfort, warmth and character.

5. Modern elegance

No frills, it is also in the modern-elegant kitchen, but which gets a bit more clean. Lightweight stainless steel and high-gloss fronts meet innovative high-tech devices, cool bar stools and a very puristic ambience that nevertheless radiates something special. In addition to clean lines, some futuristic curved curves come into play as well as transparent glass and fine cooking utensils.

6. Rustic

Even the rustic country style is still (or in the meantime) absolutely in the kitchen. It stands for naturalness, honesty, warmth and deceleration and thus hits the nerve of our fast-moving time. Here is even cooked to grandma's recipes themselves, here are pulled herbs themselves and it is taken for the food and its preparation time. The design focuses on wood, subtle natural tones, rustic stone tiles and many natural, nostalgic accessories.

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