Impress all your guests with a gateway to full health!

Peeling, handle soiled or outdated style ... sometimes the doors of our home are sad mine. Yet it is easy to retrofit to give them a little updating inexpensively. Front door or interior door, here is our door renovation guide.

Renovate a gateway

The front door is literally the first thing people see of home you. It is therefore important that this door makes good impression.

If the paint is simply tired, a good cleaning with soapy water and a soft sponge should overcome the different soils. If it is too damaged, you will think of the paint using two different types of paint: inside and outside, after sanding the existing paint. Take the opportunity to fill deep scratches with wood filler before painting.

For a little updating cheap, you can also just change the accessories around your entrance. With a new door handle, a nice doormat and design umbrella holder, your gateway will immediately more engaging style.

Renovation door lapeyre
© Lapeyre

Renovating an inner door

The interior doors are not suffering from the weather, unlike the front door, but they tend to get dirty much more quickly because of the small hands of children not always very clean ...

To clean in a jiffy, arm yourself with a soapy bucket of water and a soft sponge and rub especially at the latches to remove fingerprints and light soiling.

If your interior doors need a lick of paint, choose a special paint "inside" and water washable. They are a little more expensive to buy, but you will maintain your door more easily with this type of paint.

For doors that "stuck" because wood swells due to moisture, you can shave a little with a sander. If you do not have one, try placing a dehumidifier next to the door, it should return to its original size in a few days.

Finally, if your door is damaged to the point that it can not fix it, you can always opt for a replacement trusting a specialized company like Lapeyre.

Renovation sliding door lapeyre
© Lapeyre

Other ways to renovate doors

As the renovation of a door can be quite tedious, companies have invented clever systems that dress up the doors without having to repaint.

We find, for example, a kind of "socks" fabric or canvas that fit over a door in minutes. This is a practical solution for children's rooms since it is easy to change the style of sock when he pleases most and can be cleaned in a washing machine.

There are also magnetic panels consisting of two layers. Glue the first layer on the door and you can change the pattern will by simply replacing the top layer. A great way to make its doors a true decorative accessory!

Renovation doors leroy merlin
© Leroy Merlin