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In view of the complexity of making a standard stairway or customized, many individuals today waive install a staircase outside their property. Yet there is an economic alternative, which does not require any special technical skill: buying an external staircase in kit. If its use is now well established, choose a model to suit his tastes and specific characteristics of its terrain is not always easy. To help you make your choice, writing delivers you her some practical advice.

Outside stairs in kit: choose what form?

Right, turn, spiral, with or without remedy ... forms stair kits available on the market are many. To choose the perfect model, it is important to consider the configuration of the terrain and the space available. Yes the straight staircase is characterized by fast and cheaply installation, it nevertheless requires space to be installed properly and sufficiently sloped to not be dangerous. With its small footprint, the helical staircase allows for him an interesting space saving. And to optimize the available space, nothing like a winding staircase.

metal outside staircase
© Lapeyre

Outside stairs in kit: what material to choose?

The exterior staircase kit is available in different materials. If the metal staircase is the most common model and the one with the most variations, you'll find preserved wood models, often associated with metal or even spiral staircases in concrete, in the form of walking assembled modules market. To choose the ideal staircase kit, trust your tastes, your desires and the style you want to give your exterior wood, metal or concrete ... it's up to you! While the wood ensure a genuine spirit and warm your outdoor space, concrete easily fits in a contemporary property. The metal meanwhile will offer you a very attractive modern style. If you have a small budget, turn to concrete models, often cheaper than wood or metal. They further have strength characteristics, stability and requires no maintenance.

external staircase metal spiral
© Hopkins Studio - Checa Architects PC

Outside stairs in kit: what price?

One of the major advantages of the outside staircase kit is of course its price, much lower than standard or custom staircase. Count between 100 and 150 euros walking depending on the size of the staircase, its form and its background. In calculating the price of your outdoor staircase kit, you will also take into account any excavation work required to prepare the ground and provide a little extra in your budget for any finishes and / or long-term maintenance ( cleaning rust, make its anti-slip stair, etc.). In any event, do not hesitate to seek advice from professionals to be sure to make the right choice.

Metal staircase deisng
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