Also called Japanese sliding door, the sliding door appliqué slides along the wall with a rail system to which the door is suspended. The installation of a sliding door applies can be a relevant solution for low spacious interiors. However, if it allows a smaller footprint with the opening, it requires the presence of a free wall and not used. Installation is accessible to all, and achievable in less than an hour.

First step: laying the rails

The track laying is the first step of the installation. These are usually set to 45mm above the door opening, and 120mm of its lateral edges. firstly laying the attachment pads using dowels and screws suitable for the wall material. The track can then be implemented.

Second step: the installation of the sliding door

Before you can put the door, it is generally necessary to attach castors allowing it to slide on the rail. Some are pre-drilled. If it does not, use a drill and plugs should not be a problem to amateur handymen. Once this step is completed, the door can be installed.

Third step: the installation stops and anti-lift system

For the door is well on its axis during use, the sliding guides provided by the manufacturer shall be attached to the floor in the opening axis. Adjust and then block the stops located on either side of the rail. Finally, make sure that the security bolts clockwork system is properly screwed. After a first opening / closing to verify everything, the door is ready for use.