Install a shower in your home, be it in a "normal" room or attic, you will improve your everyday comfort. But more work is to be considered before implementing a shower.

Installing a slope in shower: standards to be met

Before asking a shower under the eaves, it is essential to undertake some work to ensure the safety, evacuation and water inlets. These steps completed, you must then determine the location of the shower, trying to keep a ceiling height of at least 210 cm. The floor, as the walls from which the shower will be installed, it must be strictly sealed to prevent any infiltration. Once done, you can start by installing the valve.

The laying of the slope in shower

The first step in the installation is to install the standing recipient. This last must be fixed to the horizontal and connected to the evacuation. It can be simply placed and raised or recessed into the ground. Develop then around the location of the shower a non-slip coating or tile to prevent domestic accident. Then go to the assembly of walls, always paying attention to sealing. The best is to fix the first profile, and then to follow suit or a sliding door can be opened from the outside. Then Siliconez joints on profiles and recipient before finalizing the door of your shower. Then proceed to the final stage, that of finishes, adding what you like to decorate your shower and match the rest of the room.