The user&# 039; s job to change a shower head and a flexible

Because the pipe is leaking or because I just wanted a new generation of luxury shower, I sometimes need to change the equipment in my bathtub or a shower. And replace the showerhead and hose is within the reach of all. Especially if you follow the instructions of a professor of shock, Claire Barer, blogger of Life triplets.

Step 1 - I gather all the necessary materials

I need little to transform my shower worthy of a spa cabin! I am obviously a team pommel once selected according to specific criteria such as different types of jets. The most classic is the rain shower but I can also opt for a massage jet or mist. A multi-jet shower head is guaranteed to satisfy the expectations of the whole family! I accompany course of a flexible (note length!) With a pliers or a wrench. And that's all !

Change knob flexible shower equipment shower

Step 2 - I unscrewed the old flexible

No need for that little action to cut the water supply; I begin by unscrewing the hose to the tap. For this, I have two options: the spanner if I have one on hand or pliers, most common, and especially more convenient because with its claws, she loosens hose without damaging it. I end by unscrewing by hand, always in the direction of clockwise.

Change unscrew flexible shower head

Step 3 - I collect the gasket

I also want to check the status of the joint at the end of flexible and change it if necessary. Good to know: when the seal is black is that it is rubber! It is this type of seal suitable for sealing my shower.

Change flexible shower head seal verification shower

Step 4 - I prepare the pommel

At one end of my head, I'll screw the hose. But I do not forget before that, there also add a seal to prevent leakage.

Change flexible showerhead uploading shower seal

Step 5 - I screwed pommel

My brand new shower head can now be screwed without fear! I begin with the screw by hand.

Change pommel flexible shower head screw shower

Step 6 - I finished screwing with my tool

I then use my pliers or my key to continue to tighten without forcing.

Change flexible shower head clamp shower use

Step 7 - I screwed the hose to the tap

I'm almost done ! After screwing the knob to the hose, it is still necessary that I connect the hose to the shower valve. You remember, I slipped inside a gasket in good condition. It therefore remains for me to screw!

Change flexible shower head shower connect flexible

Step 8 - I screwed one last time with my tool

To be sure my cowardly not flexible, I might see one last time firmly but gently to avoid scratching my faucets.

Change flexible shower head shower with firmness screw

Step 9 - I control installation

To avoid unpleasant surprises, I operate the jet. Everything is fine ? Bravo, the shower is like new! She flees at the faucet or showerhead? Either the seal has not been well - if not forgotten! - either I did not tight enough. Within minutes, I rectify it with confidence.

Change flexible showerhead jet actuate shower