The placement of a transom above a door can be an original decorative choice. Wood, glass or PVC, installation does not present any major difficulties, but the choice of one or the other materials must be carefully considered.

When asking a transom?

During a renovation project, the choice of a fanlight can prove to be very interesting at the control of a budget. The old doors and windows are not standardized, their openings are sometimes too high to be filled by a new door. Therefore, a transom will fill the space holder ceiling and avoid having to resort to the measure.

What kind of impost choose?

If the choice of PVC usually stems from a choice based on practical use, wood can give a certain cachet to charming buildings. In addition, glass transoms allow natural light, since they allow to filter the external light. The opening models (skylights) offer as for them the possibility to vent a little airy space.

A pose relatively simple

After taking adequate measures, installing a transom does not prove more complicated than installing a door, especially as those available commercially are ready to install. If however transoms with standard sizes do not fit your openings, do not hesitate to call a professional to measure the. Once the framework put in place and properly secured, the main panel it fits very easily. However, care should be taken to isolate correctly (using foam and seals) to prevent energy loss and drafts.