An oculus can fit perfectly on all types of doors: wood, aluminum or PVC. In addition to its very attractive appearance, it is also ideal to let in plenty of natural light in the living room. Fixed or opening, such as decorative items that practices are relatively simple to install.

First step: preparing the laying of the oculus

The installation work must be done horizontally. After installing the door on trestles, tracing is required before installing the oculus. If a plan is provided by the manufacturer, follow him. Otherwise, it will proceed by direct transfer of the product. Finally, in the case of homemade oculus, refer to your own design.

Second step: drilling the door

For oculus square, rectangular or more generally angular, drill holes within each of the corners greatly facilitate the remaining work. For other formats (rounded), one hole large enough for passing a blade suffice. The cutting must be done with a jigsaw. Be sure to use the appropriate switches and blades to the door material.

Third step: laying the oculus

For hollow doors, it is necessary to glue beforehand filler battens between the two facings so that these do not collapse. This step is not necessary for solid doors, solid wood types. The laying of the oculus can then be done without difficulty. There remains to conceal joints asking profiles.