The PVC panels are rot-proof and waterproof plug

Paneling in wet rooms is possible, but choose species already oiled or waxed then you vernirez. The most important is that air can circulate behind the blades to allow the wall to breathe. Keep this in mind when installing. But to avoid the risk of seeing your moldy wood paneling, choose PVC paneling is ideal for wet rooms.

Interview by Berangere Larivaud

Why use PVC panels in a bathroom?

PVC is rot-proof, that is to say insensitive to moisture and mold. PVC paneling good brand are tight fitting and therefore fear no splash. We can therefore ask without fear around the bath and above the sinks. As a precaution, one can add a silicone gasket periphery. When installed vertically, you can also machine the rear paneling to cut corners, which facilitates cleaning. Another advantage PVC blades are thinner and wider than wood. Thus it hardly reduces the room volume and it's faster to install. Learn more about the layout of the bathroom.

Paneling PVC deco bathroom
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An effect cement tiles rather successful for that PVC paneling

How to ask the PVC panels in a bathroom?

PVC paneling is easier to install than wood paneling because generally, the glue on the wall or directly on the floor. a neoprene type of adhesive is used. On the plasterboard can be stapled. Care must be taken to use stainless staples. On of the block, are glued on or screwed on the. And the ceiling, there are now specific metal parts for fixing the paneling and recessed spotlights.

Warning, if the bathroom suffers from poor ventilation, better ask the PVC panels on a metal or wood frame to allow the wall to breathe.

Coating PVC wall paneling bathroom
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The trompe l'oeil and quality are at the rendezvous with PVC paneling

How to clean PVC paneling?

As the product is varnished, limestone will hang weakly. And as there is no porous seal, it does not blacken as with tiles. We clean the paneling with a conventional household detergent. One can even use the anti-lime if needed.

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