But why my juicer does not juice&# 039; oranges?

Oh, what is this mode everything in English while the question  "Do you have the centrifuge revolution of the worm Moulinex?" launched in your favorite appliance store would still be much class?

Apparently Moulinex has found the solution to the centrifuge is no longer subject "useless" that we know that the purchase was motivated by the unique apple juice. It must be said that after 3 and 2 Golden Pink Lady, we want to move on and develop a little more complex juices.

It is often at this point that the evil side of the centrifuge appears "How? My juicer is not known to make orange juice?"

And even a very perverse side "How? My centrifuge which is huge and takes an hour to clean SAIT not make orange juice?".

It then puts his disappointment and centrifuge at the bottom of a closet.

Moulinex therefore tightened the screws of its engineers to find a way to extract the centrifuge its very substance.

This is a mystery but the centrifuge Infiny Press Revolution might give fruit and vegetable juices without having to peel the food, even for citrus. How this machine can make disentangle zest, and juice ziste?

INFINY press centrifuge revolution moulinex orange juice

She might even be able to extract the waste from the other side for easier maintenance. It's almost too good to be true.

INFINY press revolution moulinex screw system

His worm system allows maximum juice extraction and by Moulinex, it allows better preservation of vitamins and antioxidants compared to a conventional centrifuge. It is also equipped with two screens, one with small holes and the other with large holes for purées, compotes and grout.

Would we finally solved the problem of the centrifuge "useless" ?

Not having tested, I can not give an objective opinion on this machine but given the description and photos, I can already make some remarks. First pictures even if they have completely virtual air, suggest that the neck is contrary to what is done today with the extra-large fireplaces that can put a whole apple without cutting . From what I understand there would be not one, but three chimneys for mixing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Then descriptive announced that the juice will be more "uniform and thicker" which may not be to the taste of everyone because it would look more then a system comparable to the blender. Again, we should see the machine in action to find out what it actually provides.

Moulinex Juicer Infiny Press Revolution, ZU5008, 249.99 €