The walls of the kitchen are dirty and greasy? Here's how to remove fat from your kitchen walls.

Whether you live in a house or not, it is essential to regularly clean the walls of your home. Especially those in the kitchen surfaces, because vapors and projected to fatten quickly. And the more you ban the cleaning, the harder the task. So follow our advice to degrease your kitchen walls efficiently!

We team to degrease kitchen walls

Please have proper brush to dust the entire room, such as a triangular head model goat hair to avoid damaging your walls. For degreasing, equip yourself with paper towel, a sponge, a microfibre cloth, white vinegar, baking soda and two tubs of hot water, one for the cleaning solution and the other for rinsing.

degrease kitchen
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We adopt the right products to address the fat kitchen walls.

Before cleaning the walls, it dusts off the kitchen

With a soft brush, dust off the ceiling and walls to make way before scouring the kitchen. If you forget this step, you may add unnecessary stains on the walls.

Degrease kitchen walls

Whether your wall is covered with paint or wallpaper, start by wiping the grease stains and others recent spill with absorbent paper. In a bowl, dial a mixture, in equal shares, baking soda and hot water. As a precaution, test a spot of discreet wall before cleaning the entire kitchen. Apply some paste of baking soda using a sponge and rub the tracks in a circular motion, then rinse with a microfiber cloth.

Degrease cooking oil stains
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Even the most stubborn oil stains will not resist!

Wash the walls to finish cleaning the kitchen

Mix equal parts of White vinegar and hot water and pour into a sprayer. Spread the product on the wall surface and leave for 5 minutes to act. Rinse with a damp cloth and then let dry.