So far, in the world of unwinding paper towel dispensers or paper towel or paper towel dispenser (it interests so many people that we have not even managed to agree on a common name), so in this world, two worlds clashed. No place throughout the history of the paper towel dispenser, can be simplified by saying we had a functional side that focus on simplicity and practicality and the other comedians who, under pretext of serving a something as mundane as paper towels, feel compelled to make a ton. Sample Image:

paper towel dispensers

At the human level, it would be like if we had the choice to marry or a Michel-Edouard Leclerc is a Gad Elmaleh (share this article spin) then we would prefer a husband who is a bit of both. For the paper towel dispenser, it is similar. We would have a functional object, but that does not take itself too seriously either, and that is beautiful. At the risk of launching a controversy that could tear the blogosphere, the inner beauty of a paper towel dispenser, it will be a little strut.

I do not want a paper towel dispenser that makes task in my kitchen when I put so much time thinking about decoration. Completely absorbed in his thoughts, I started looking the ideal towel dispenser, a little blind because we have not yet invented

But ... I found!

siliconezone karim rashid unwind over

siliconezone karim rashid dispenser

This towel dispenser of SiliconeZone brand was created in collaboration with Karim Rashid. It is part of a collection of useful kitchen utensils declined in the same colors.

Still, as the ideal husband, it is very hard to find and I do not know its price. But would not we love?