To give an ethnic touch to your decor

1. Berber rug beige argyle, Castorama, 79.99 euros

2. Berber Carpet Shaggy Amalu, CarpetVista, 139 euros

3. Carpet Berber inspiration, La Redoute, 89 euros

4. Berber style rug Rabisco, La Redoute, € 99

5. Berber style rug, Afaw, La Redoute, 69 euros

6. indoor outdoor rug Exhilaration, Paragraph, 59.90 euros

7. Tribute Berber rug patterns, Saint-Maclou 89 euros

8. beige Berber carpet, Castorama, 79.99 euros

9. Berber Carpet taupe, Castorama, 79.99 euros

The charm of the authentic

Looking for authenticity and disorientation in your home? Open wide the door to Berber carpets came from North Africa. Their stylish and authentic ethnic look likes easily in contemporary interiors with natural styles, world related to travel and even in Scandinavian moods! And thanks to dynamic geometric patterns totally in tune with the times as the diamonds. Know that in Berber, these ancestral woven patterns on the carpet all have cultural significance. Authentic Berber carpets are unique but the marks of the house were inspired to create decorative patterns and therefore more accessible in terms of price. A good idea to infuse the charm of these rugs to its interior without breaking the bank.

How to integrate his stack in its decor?

Side color, it is played with discreet black and white sets and beige and brown, much easier to take than the traditional oriental carpet. For a happier note, you can still indulge in a model that incorporates some son of colors.

Also know that Berber carpet is not only for the living room. You can very well venture into a hallway or bed down So what are you waiting for? Nevertheless, be sure to choose a size that perfectly matches your location: under furniture, it must exceed such sufficient either side.