I'm a big fan of the cement tiles

Valerie Fache since childhood love antiquing. A second kind that brings the benefit of its china Back site. After exploring flea markets, garage sales and other auction houses, it restores beauty to furniture forgotten to put them for sale online. Dressing 50 years, cocktail chairs, barber mirrors reflected their interests under his leadership.

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A news Deco that you would like us to discover?

cement tiles Hopscotch
© Hopscotch

I'm a big fan of cement tiles, it is besides those in my home that we decided to buy it! It is a decorative element that can be used as ground cover to the wall or a shelf of a cabinet and makes the decor of the room. This time it is those launched by La Marelle who tapped me in the eye. The publishing house offers a range of cement tiles handcrafted. There are 9 different units declined in 3 color schemes. I fell particularly in love tiles "swallows". I like the idea that this great publishing house trying to some distant thing of the universe!


The type of items you prefer?

armchair cocktail
© Back to China

Right now I'm on the chairs. I fell in love small fireside cocktails 50s I think it is a chair with elegant design that blends well with the decor of today. In addition, small size, it does not take a lot of floor space. perfect for Parisian apartments. There is an additional seat that does not take up too much space. I like the hunt right now and I do retapisser by a craftsman in more modern fabrics. I love this idea of ​​reclaiming vintage furniture and transform it to make it more likely.


A must Deco place that matches your universe?

Flea heteroclite
© Flea Hétéroclite

My favorite place to hunt is the Hétéroclite flea market which is nestled in the heart of Montparnasse. It is a place where I'm going for many years and I discovered by chance. It is a place that suits me. It includes everything and the selection changes often. It attracts locals as well as movie decorators who know that this is the right address. And you can still find a treasure! That is not expensive discovery to which we were not expecting!

The Flea Hétéroclite

111 vaugirard Street

paris 14ème

Tel: 01 45 48 44 51

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