Of honey plants in the garden

The browsers are welcome! The insects are our friends, they are indispensable to nature and thus in our garden. Yet today, the massive use of pesticides and the passion for..

Orchids: How to live long

Watering once a week Today, associations and other forums speak for themselves, we are more and more fans of the orchid. She is beautiful, majestic but vulnerable ... Véronique Miss,..

shared gardens: how it works?

Shared gardens create social bonds. The gardens shared city or in suburban areas are increasingly popular with city dwellers yearning nature. Laurence Baudelet, head of the association Seed Garden, explains..

Potted plants climbing up the walls

Because green is synonymous with Wall Potted plants have interfered in the house at the same time that spring is installed in the garden. Like every year, they will take..

All about conifers

Yew, cedar, cypress, pine, cedar, juniper ... Bearing fruit in a shell-shaped cone, conifers are particularly resistant, best trees in a garden, in hedges or isolated. Conifers, permanent decoration in..

Mistakes to avoid with balcony lighting

A successful lighting balcony With summer fast approaching, we'll spend more time outdoors whether in day or dusk. For those lucky enough to have a balcony, it will be possible..

Paragraph launches flea!

Swap his old couch against the new Good news ! From 28 May until 17 June, you can swap your old furniture and your decor fashioned in the great novel..

Newsprint recycles decorative objects

Responsible and ethical objects Bring a touch recycling craft trendy to your decor with objects made of recycled newspapers. Baskets, trays, vases ... discover our ecological selection. At a time..

The chair of Van Gogh, a classic revisited for three centuries

A classic decor Driven by desires of traditions, chair painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888 is still valid. By combining authentic style a touch of modernity, this is a..

How I saved my wallet: convertible sofas

A double practical function of sofa and bed Whether one wishes to offer an extra bed for our guests in the office room or whether you live in a studio..

The even cheaper: a rocking chair RAR Charles Eames

Fall for these small colorful rocking chairs The creations fiberglass Charles and Ray Eames have become essential to our contemporary interiors. If today, Vitra signed editions are designed in plastic,..

Knitting: Learn to Knit one purl stitch

The reverse loops are knit with the wire positioned in front of the needle. Also remember to always hold the needle with the knitted stitches in your left hand and..

Video sewing: choose fabrics for patchwork

The user&# 039; s job to choose fabrics for patchork Did you know that there is a method to choose the fabrics to make a quilt? Carole Maxwell, who owns..

Effix Design, a new very creative mortar

He married any form and any terrain. Ciments Calcia has developed a new mortar dedicated to decoration and interior and exterior design, Effix Design. Ready to use, it has many..

Tutorial kids: a cardboard robot

Have fun making a small cardboard articulated robot! DIY, decor, fashion, the blog Axelle, Princess the hacks, is a mine of inspiration, which can also discover on her Etsy shop,..

In drawing: make round of cloth towels so headlines

Napkin rings to elegant shapes for a custom table. When we get to dinner, we like that our table is both stylish and friendly and for this we must find..

I discovered origami technique

A simple square sheet to start s&# 039; practice this art The technique of origami is the art of folding paper to give birth to all sorts of nice things..

DIY & amp; Crafts: a workshop space at home

A workspace thoughtful! All DIY enthusiasts dream of a workshop with them. Except, in reality, it is most often found tinkering in a corner or sewing on the coffee table..

Tutorial: make a card holder

An extremely simple tutorial! Simple but not simplistic! Simplette is the DIY blog that this malignant crafts achievable by all! Customize a flowerpot with nail polish, make a snow globe,..

Tutorial: woolen phone pouch

Knit a pretty pouch that protects your phone! Every time he falls down, face against the ground, it's the same anguish. Slowly, you reach out to get it back, legs..

Tutorial: create a mirror pineapple

Customize your mirror to transform the object shifted and vitamin decor! Lisette is glamorous. Lisette is curious. And above all, Lisette likes to tinker. Jewelry, decorative items, accessories in burlesque..

DIY children: a plane clothespin to play

A simple idea to amuse the boys Sometimes just not much to entertain children, their imagination often allows them to invent a whole world from a single piece of wood...

IKEA launches its stationery

IKEA presents its Paper Shop Ikea, the Swedish giant has not finished talking to him! With its new Shop Paper, stationery fans and IKEA addict, will not remain unaffected. Notebooks,..

Tutorial: a candlestick with copper tubes

Combine two great decorating trends by manufacturing the pretty copper chandelier! Deco speak without addressing topics "candles" and "copper" would be almost unthinkable today. If you walk into a store..

I discovered the cardboard Technical

Recycle your shoe boxes and cartons&# 039; packaging beautiful decorative items! The carton is discipline creative bricoleuses ... and a very good way to make recycling attractive and useful! The..

Tuto kids: make a cardboard reindeer Christmas

A Deco making family! Today, it offers a nice Christmas activity for the whole family! A little reindeer cardboard recycling craft to land on the fireplace or under the tree...

Tuto: a storage case for convenient makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes are neatly together with this lovely kit fabric! Your makeup bag is a real Aladdin's cave, but a storage cavern some gaps? We'll have to give her..

What colors harmonize with the marble?

With marble, you have to stay sober. Symbol of ancient and luxury marble made his comeback in decor. But despite its weather resistance and its undeniable strength, the real marble..

The dye solution to revive its decor without breaking the bank

The patterned textiles can be dyed easily Crisis forces, it limits spending! Then it's time to take stock of an old practice as the world dyeing. Often used by our..

The decor is tinged with pink powder

When decoration is foundation pomponne If you dream of wrapping your interior softness and lightness to the approach of winter, remember to turn to powder pink. This chic and delicate..

What shade of red with gray choose?

Select a little bright red Question from Julie "Hello, I painted my living room in gray and dove gray concrete. I would like to red decorative items in the room:..

pale pink in the house

Pink enters the&# 039; space For courses starting very soft one does not hesitate to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere with great fanfare pink. Pink yes but not in..

What colors to adopt a Provencal style?

Provencal and colorful style Adopt the style of Provence, is to evoke the sun, singing accent and southern landscapes. A warm and gay style - by the judicious choice of..

While integrating a fridge in a kitchen

The choice of size is vital The refrigerator is a masterpiece and even indispensable in the kitchen. Yet it is not always easy to find it optimum spot. Here are..

5 recipe ideas to do with a dehydrator

How to cook with a dehydrator? Discover 5 simple recipes with a dehydrator! Historically, men have dried fruits and vegetables in the sun to multiply their flavors and the store..

How to organize your buffet without using a caterer?

You organize a party and you want to propose a buffet to your guests without going through the box "caterer" ? Follow this rétroplanning to be sure to not forget..

How to clean its cast iron pans?

Enjoy your dishes in cast iron for longer Cast iron is very popular with foodies material. Cast iron cookware allows healthy cuisine, delicious and above all efficient. Indeed, the latter..

Our selection of tea boxes

Featured cheap pretty boxes to keep your tea Because the tea time has its importance all over the world (England in Japan), it offers a selection of tea boxes to..

A compost bucket vintage kitchen

The new kitchen accessory The bowls and plates of lunch marks on the grass have invaded our kitchens to bring them a touch of charm of yesteryear. And the brand..

What material to cover a metal wood bar?

Opt for zinc Question of Beatrice: "Hello, I would cover my tablet wooden bar of a metal sheet. What material do you recommend? Aluminum, zinc, stainless steel? Knowing that I..

Which stone to choose a work plan?

Writing answers you Question: "What can I choose stone for a work plan? " Answer: granite, quartz or marble. Granite, quartz and marble are the most commonly used as base..

The Rosieres Paul Bocuse is a prodigy

The piano cooking Rosieres Paul Bocuse a facelift! Since 1985, Rosières and Paul Bocuse (or at least the Bocuse brand) are working together on an exceptional piano cooking. The latest..

When Sauter us cook in “eco” mode

Technology at the service kitchen The new induction hob Sauter brand specializing in home appliances since 1902, has the EASYCOOK technology combines several cooking positions, multifunction and security. Three smart..

How to organize your wine cellar?

Be as organized that&# 039; a professional Electric wine cellars are the invention that allows everyone, even if it has no real cellar, can keep his wine. But such a..

What color associated with a chocolate-colored wooden milk?

Play on a gradient hues Question Mylène "Hi, I'm moving into an apartment where the living room is covered with a color parquet "milk chocolate". I wanted to know if..

Mistakes to avoid in a small bathroom

Five points that should help you "Back" is often synonymous with "moving" and sometimes with headache. Sometimes the bathroom of a new home is not very big and so complicated..

Mistakes to avoid in the garage

A room full Whether you live in the house or apartment, you may have a garage and are not aware of all its possibilities. To help you better enjoy this..

Create a beautiful space in the room, manual

A corner to prepare and be beautiful Notice to the fairer sex! For those who wish to develop a beautiful corner in the room, here are two possibilities: a dressing..

Aikido: discover the new collection of Ambiance Bain

A bathroom 100% personalized! Designer bathroom spaces and trendsetter, Ambiance Bain launched a new collection that will not go unnoticed. Designed to maximize comfort and well-being, Akido offers a host..

How to develop an alcove in a room?

The&# 039; alcove in all its forms You have an alcove in one of your bedroom? Rejoice! The design possibilities are many and varied. Let it be headboard, storage or..

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