A decoration for supporters of OM

Straight to the point with&# 039; OM! Supporters of OM, dare the decor in the colors of your club! duvet cover, curtains, cup, lamp ... many decorative items are available..

How to choose a towel for the bathroom?

Choosing the towel in the bathroom Who has not dreamed of being greeted at the exit of the shower with large fluffy towels and all hot? For fluffy towels, we..

4 ideas at small prices for hanging towels

Objective: no floor towel! If you do not have the chance to have a towel dryer installed in your bathroom, do not panic! There are many tricks to small price..

Which to choose curtains for the office?

Prefer soothing or stimulating colors! The office must above all be a pleasant work space, conducive to concentration. This is why the decoration you choose it is important. The choice..

Focus on coffee tables save space

Stackable, modular or with storage The essential appetizers with family or friends is the coffee table! Even the small rooms did not deny. Just choose one that is easy to..

The humidifier cools your home

Adjusts the humidity To cool the house cheaply, the humidifier can help you make the air more pleasant during hot weather. Explanations. In summer with the heat and the heavy..

The art of tidying in small spaces

Deco.fr tells you all about the art of optimizing storage when living in a small space You live in a studio and dream to live in a bright and open..

Simplicity and harmony Zen beds

Straight, dark colors and wood to enjoy the tranquility 1. Japanese bed frame with mattress Blues Inside75 498 € 2. Zen futon bed solid pine and box spring 3Suisses from..

Featured shopping: 8 radios and accessories to enjoy music in the bathroom

Here's our fun and attractive selection of radios and speakers specially designed for the bathroom, to taste the pleasure of&# 039; listen to music in the shower! 1 AM /..

5 high-tech items for the room teenagers

A Deco latest They love gadgets and have a weakness for everything related to new technologies. So when the high-tech trend wins the decor of their room, teens do not..

Challenge 15 minutes a day cleaning: I clean mattress, duvet and pillows

Today, I'll do something I've never done: clean my mattress. Shame. I admit, until now, I was content to return my mattress regularly to aerate. However it ended. Today I..

The lino for ecological flooring

Practical and attractive Lino has changed since the 50 years he has appeared in the interiors! Today, it becomes a trend that coating also appreciated for its environmental qualities. Presentation..

The tiles plays with graphic patterns

An unusual tiles for a magical decor From the bathroom to the kitchen through the living room, tile stands out as one of the decoration stars. Declined in countless colors,..

What color for a room facing north?

And for fans of white, off-white prefer! Depending on the orientation, your room does not receive the light in the same way. Facing north, the light runs out and the..

How to remove red tadelakt to return to less bright colors?

Sand and use a paint effect tadelakt Question of Françoise "Hello, we have laid a red tadelakt (bought in a large DIY chain), I do not do me this too..

Before / After: maximize space in a studio in the attic

A stunning makeover In this Lyon studio located in the attic spaces were not optimized, nor delimited. The owners have therefore appealed to Marion Lanoë, interior designer, decorator and designer..

5 ideas to customize your ceiling

All nonsense decor at your fingertips! Forget the white: place the decor from floor to ceiling! Especially since it is very easy to customize the ceilings of your pieces to..

What cleaners use to clean a carpet?

Writing answers you Question: "How to keep an always clean carpet? " Answer: regular maintenance, the great shampoo once a year. The secret of a beautiful carpet that lasts is..

Before / After: Transforming an old stable into living room design

The new veranda, pent building of 20 m2, bears on the side wall of the house It is not always easy to value its real estate without altering its good...

How to Hide glass cloth walls?

Use a gel off the glass cloth Question by Maria: "Hello, the walls of my house are covered with glass fabric (herringbone taped) I do not like at all. I..

Separate your spaces thanks to removable partitions!

You are free to move the walls! Small or large areas need to be defined to provide more privacy to its occupants. In order not to lock yourself behind a..

Before / after: develop a multifunctional hall

Before following: the interior designer Virginie Durieux cleverly transforms into creating storage for the whole family, without pushing the walls! In each interior hides a corner that should be revealed..

What work do yourself and what works entrusted to professional?

Make or Buy? Whether you rent or own, you know that in a home, there is always work to be done. That these works concern inside or outside your home,..

Qu’Appelle are we the & quot; drop & quot; for wastewater disposal?

Writing answers you Question: "How is discharged wastewater? " Answer: the fall is the discharge of wastewater column. Called the fall sewage system through which is discharged wastewater. This is..

Ask paneling in the attic

Used to the interiors to make them more friendly, the paneling is easy to install wooden floors. But before proceeding to installation, it is important to follow some rules, even..

How to hide exposed pipes in a bathroom?

Writing answers you Question: "How can we hide exposed pipes in a bathroom? " A. using pipe cover or sheaths foam, or a box-manufacturing. Tired of those ugly pipes that..

Turn your air conditioner decorative object

Make it include your own pictures! Cold and white, the air conditioner is a particularly sensitive subject for inclusion in an interior. The French company Airwell offers a simple way..

What colors on the walls for a warm and cozy atmosphere?

A section of full-color taupe powder wall Question Julien "Could you help me choose a color for my main room? Currently it is color "egg shell". I would like to..

What is the operation of a water heater?

Writing answers you Question: "A water heater, how it works? " Answer: the water is heated by a burner. The operation of a heater depends on the model. With the..

I personalize my front door on Internet

The front door is trend No more doors monostyles inputs and wooden tasteless. With "My Door To Me", you can now customize your front door into a decorative element. It..

Install a buried power line

Install a buried power line is an operation that requires major work. Indeed, we must create a trench for the cables to place and also choose the product that we..

Nothing to declare: go from one room to another in the rules of art

Unify floor to ensure consistency of&# 039; a room to another Moving from one room to another in the house is like crossing the border from one country to another...

How does a pulsating boiler?

Writing answers you Question: "A pulsating boiler, what is it? " Answer: it is a gas boiler with a combustion chamber, not a burner. The pulsating boiler is a special..

Can we lay tiles in a cellar with no risk of moisture?

Writing answers you Question: "Is it possible to lay tiles in a cellar with no risk of moisture? " Answer: Yes, provided you address potential moisture problems following a diagnosis..

Before / After: Give pep to a studio in length

The transformation of the studio is the least spectacular Convert a large part arranged while length is a job that requires precision and adjustment: it is in fact to visually..

Before / After: A master bedroom hotel suite so

A small master bedroom comfort! The owners of this apartment located in the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris dreamed of a master suite consists of a private suite and a dressing..

What is an electric octopus?

Writing answers you Question: "What does an electric octopus nbsp;?" Answer: a complete electrical system ready to install. An electric octopus is a pre-wired electrical system, or otherwise ready to..

Renovating a wooden floor

It is always possible to give a decorative look to a former prosecutor Examination and Diagnosis After removing the old surface, carefully check the condition of the blades. If some..

What to choose between a roof window and a skylight?

Writing answers you Question: "How to make the right choice between a roof window and a skylight? " Answer: bet on practicality or aesthetics. There are two types of facilities..

The insulating vacuum panels, what is it?

Writing answers you Question: "The vacuum insulation panels, what is it? " A. the vacuum insulation panels are the new generation of insulators. The VIP (vacuum insulation panel) contains an..

4 tips to create a chalet atmosphere in your living room

When winter arrives, the living room becomes a haven pampering moments with family. wooden furniture, warm materials and soft lights, Paragraph share with you some simple tips to make a..

Feature: malignant storage for all areas of the house

Because&# 039; order and deco mix well If you are convinced that interior clutter loses its charm you and makes life difficult, bet everything on accessories and storage units! Here..

BeoSound momento, el sistema de audio inteligente firma Bang & amp; Olufsen

Un diseño y un dispositivo inteligente de investigación y difunde la pieza que&# 039; lo que necesita explosión & Olufsen crea y da vida a los equipos audiovisuales de alto..

La silla de mimbre Bistro Drucker pasan en el salón!

Verdadera firma bistro parisino La silla de la rota de la casa Drucker, llamado así por su creador, ha hecho su reputación en el mundo de los cafés y restaurantes..

La cocina de Bruno

MUEBLES: . cocina COOKE & LEWIS gray purgó Disponible en 15 días La modernidad una tendencia tinte gris, frentes lacados ultra brillante, resultados estilo elegante en la ausencia de tiradores..

La cocina de Jean-Luc y Nathalie

PLAN DE TRABAJO: . Resinence gama de color y Deco resina decorativa "sin lanilla," adecuado para todos los medios de comunicación. : Azulejos, suelos, mármol, azulejos, ... y todas las..

Pierre Favresse, el nuevo director artístico de la marca Hábitat

Un joven diseñador creativo y audaz a la cabeza de Hábitat Thierry Sonalier, presidente del Hábitat enseña decorar, optó por confiar en el joven diseñador francés Pierre Favresse mediante la..

La silla Ant, el gran éxito de Dinamarca

Las más famosas sillas de tres patas creado originalmente para el comedor de la compañía farmacéutica Novo por Arne Jacobsen en 1952 la silla Ant es, hasta la fecha, los..

D & amp; CO: Consejos y trucos – Personalización de una otomana oriental

Tejido liso para el lavado de cara Usted no sabe qué hacer con su antigua otomana oriental? Por favor, tener una grapadora, de tejido liso y pintura acrílica. Comienza aplicando..


MUEBLES: . Tabla 1 Rectangular piernas RAVEL cónica naturales Un diseño natural, funcional, esencial para la mesa de comedor de inspiración escandinava certificada! En la misma colección, descubrir en nuestro..

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