Tutorial: customize a setting with its own grounds

A quick and easy to make DIY Tired of this picture that does not put you at all worth? It's time to give a second life to your frame! I..

Couture: learn the point of tailor built

Point frame sewing tailor is very useful to temporarily mark the location of folds, lapel, pocket or other parts to be assembled on a fabric. This is usually realized through..

paper towels to decorate your furniture

So many possibilities that towels! Colorful, light and affordable, disposable paper towels are a great resource to customize a piece of furniture or object. Thin out the towel to get..

Video: create storage boxes cloth

Your memories will be with&# 039; shelter in these decorative boxes Today writing Deco.fr offers you to customize your storage boxes. More Deco shifted to storage you'll be spoiled for..

Video: write in relief

The user&# 039; s job to write in relief To customize your cards and give them a little original side, Juliette Launois offers to learn to write in relief using..

Valentine: paper fortune cookies to oneself

A DIY free download For Valentine's Day, the focus is on the DIY (do it yourself) to please her lover without breaking the bank. Writing Deco.fr has found for you..

Lighten furniture with a patina old

Skating step When you find that your furniture is too dark, but you do not want to change, there is a solution! You can lighten the skating of the old..

What colors to the walls with a dark red kitchen and stainless steel appliances?

A dark gray wall to a more pronounced contrast Question Typhaine "My kitchen is dark red and appliances are stainless steel. I want to know what colors to the wall...

What colors for indoor grant under the sign of the fall?

Autumnal tints As in fashion, decor gives way to autumn colors: warm colors, intense brown and the alliance of purple and yellow. These colors awaken your inner incorporating warm and..

Focus on the association Terres et Couleurs

Natural and ecological, earth colors are used since ancient times For over fifteen years, the Lands and implement Colors association for the promotion of earth colors in France and abroad...

What color to choose in a dining room with wood paneling?

Gray or Chocolate Question of Marie-Line: "Hello, I turn to you for advice color to paint my dining room. This is a room of about 20 m2, with a large..

The 5 rules for successful colorful decor

Some simple rules Deco before you start! You want to try combinations of the boldest colors? Today there are an infinite number of shades and variations to customize your home..

Feature: wooden worktop

Protect and&# 039; maintained to prolong its life Authentic and very decorative, wood worktop was on the rise in our kitchens. If its aesthetic appearance attracted more than one, know..

Guzzini launches its new coffee machine

Espresso in 80 seconds After her with Lavazza espresso machine system, Guzzini launches Single espresso machine designed by the designer Hiroshi Ono. Founded in 1912, Fratelli Guzzini is a symbol..

An espresso capsules do without electricity and almost

Espresso in 20 seconds Coffee lovers who swear by the espresso can now be done without a coffee pod and almost no electricity! Presso is a new system of manual..

Feature: kitchen cupboards

The b.a.-ba s&# 039; kitchen organization How to store its food? We all like to be storage pros but it is not that simple, especially when the kitchen is small..

4 simple ways to save water in your kitchen

The dishwasher consumes on average 12 liters&# 039; water Although water consumption in the kitchen is far behind that of the bathroom, it is essential to take some measures in..

How to take the steps to upgrade their kitchen?

Before starting the renovation work in the kitchen, you have to go through taking measurements. For your convenience, follow our tips! You're thinking for some time to renovate your kitchen...

Our Décor ideas for renovating the kitchen cabinet

How to revamp his kitchen cabinet without any change? Wood, laminate or Formica, here are 5 tips for home staging! Your kitchen cabinet made a wry face, and you already..

The Ikea furniture assembly plans – from D to F

Go digital and paper documents forget! We listed Ikea fixtures plans to upload to the Swedish furniture manufacturer's website. If a link appears broken, mention it in the comments below..

4 Grandma’s tips for removing wine stains

To continue to organize parties at home without fear of ruining your decor A clumsy movement causing the fall of a glass of wine is so quickly! If in the..

Ideas to recycle your Easter chocolates

My tips to give a second life to Easter chocolates Also, this year, you were spoiled for Easter, level "chocolate treats" ? In my home, my friends know that I..

The infusion to the minute with the Solo Tea

The radius of kitchen gadgets, welcome the new Coffee Tea automatic infusion of brand Riviera & Bar. Some geekerie and a lot of nice colors not need more arguments to..

A lunch box signed black + blum

Let me again remind you when it's back. If you prepare the schoolbag of your children for their first day of school, we should also think about the resumption of..

5 Grandma’s tips for its jam

This manufacturing sweets is within reach of all The fruit season in full swing, and carries with it the production of jams. If you are new, do not panic, this..

What to choose between a mixer and a blender?

Writing answers you Question: "What to choose: a mixer or blender? " Answer: the mixer for the kitchen, the blender to the bathroom. The mixer and the mixer have different..

How often clean her kitchen cupboards?

When and how clean his kitchen cabinets, they tell you everything! Clean your closets is a hygiene issue as much as an organizational lesson. Our food must be in a..

The rolling pins are tapestry

Custom cookies that will appeal to young and old Calling all fans of pastry! The editorial 'you have found a new accessory that may no longer leave you in the..

7 tips Deco for a small functional kitchen

Not always easy&# 039; combine functionality and small spaces, especially in the kitchen. Do not panic, here are the 7 best tips to test deco daily. Your small kitchen sorely..

Where to place the ceramic in the kitchen?

Place the earthenware on the credenza Question Belgin "Hello, I can not make up my mind on the kitchen stove. The floor is gray, the facade elements is gray, my..

Infographic: a tidy fridge!

Is it or not keep eggs in the refrigerator? And if so, to what shelf? When it comes to shopping store in the fridge, there is always a moment of..

I tested for you: Cooking with a vacuum packing machine

The&# 039; vacuum packing machine: discover his hidden talents! Cooking using a vacuum packing machine: surprising, right? Many chefs use the vacuum to sublimate their dishes. Learn how the vacuum..

I want a nice fridge!

Colorful models In the kitchen, the refrigerator can quickly become a problem of order decor! But if the refrigerator was not previously aesthetics, these lines are now becoming very design..

Why is revered Thermomix?

D&# 039; where does this passion? Is Thermomix indispensable in the kitchen? By analyzing Google search for Christmas gifts in the kitchen, I noticed that some (many) of you were..

The different types of hood for the kitchen

Several solutions to fit your kitchen The hoods are essential in the kitchen because they reduce fouling of the walls. But which model to choose it fits perfectly in the..

Breakfast in bed: the cheap accessories

lazy alarm clock, inexpensive accessories 1. folding bed tray and shelf with handles € 24.99 Relaxdays 2. Porcelain bowl Pomax La Redoute € 3.08 3. Plateau vintage bubble Maisons du..

How to install his living room in the conservatory?

Earn a few square meters in the house by installing the lounge on the veranda The veranda has become the new ally of the owners who wish to earn an..

Top 3 carpet trend for teens

Pixilated graphics and urban Winter time has come: it's time to equip a nice carpet! Whether tufted wool, polypropylene or cotton, this fluffy accessory subtly warms the house while the..

The modular furniture inspired Lego

Playful, colorful and decidedly contemporary Lego inspired furniture! stackable timber, modular armchairs, ottomans and shelves are available in the way of the famous game of nesting and allow almost every..

A timeless decor for the living room

How to decorate your living room for a chic and timeless look? In deco mode as the timeless opts for sobriety with good basics and classics, ignoring trends. This is..

Student, enjoy -15% in Paragraph

Small price for small domestic It's all new: Paragraph brand offers young people 18 to 25 years and students a 15% discount on the entire store until 24 September! Paragraph,..

Feature: shelves

Zoom in on an essential interior design: shelves. Wood, metal or plastic shelves play the card design and practicality enough for us everyday. Where to buy, how to ask and..

What colors for a girl’s room?

Soft and feminine colors Question Claire "My name is Claire, I am 16, and I would paint my room but I hesitate between several colors like blue and brown, gray..

Wall friezes for young and old

What give the&# 039; look to the walls On uniform walls, friezes set the tone and structure the decor. Adhesive or wallpaper, their varied patterns offer something to children .....

Earn money and gifts with Deco the game!

You are a fan of "D&CO" ? "Deco game" is a free online game that allows you to win prizes and money. The principle is simple: after you register, you..

5 ways to spruce dressing

Deco tricks to bring a smile to your wardrobe Who says dressing consisted of a few planks of wood and some thirty hangers? If your wardrobe is depressed, here are..

Video: customize an office for a teen room

An original and very decorative desk This week on Deco.fr please your teen by customizing it a trendy office. Follow images all the steps to a successful creation. Watch the..

A decorative shower curtain in my bathroom

The decorative touch to the bathroom To make your shower space wellness, first bet on a decor that suits you. This starts with the choice of shower curtain: colorful, original..

pilot lights for children

Not to fear the dark Voted best remedy to reassure children and counter their fear of the dark, the pilot system is available today in several formats: object, furniture or..

I put a PVC coating on my floor heating

The PVC floor heating s&# 039; suitable for all types&# 039; interior Changing your flooring at a reasonable cost while heating its interior floor now becomes possible with PVC coating...

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