12 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for her

How about a pampering gift? Feast of love, Valentine's Day is the opportunity to meet two to have a good time. Although small gift is not mandatory, it's always fun,..

How to use chopsticks in the decor?

Bright chopsticks trendy To mark the scrolls of a cornice or highlight a window, regardless of the use you doing, chopsticks bring real added value to the decor of your..

Repositionable stickers for the kitchen units

A kitchen to your image To bring a little whimsy to your kitchen cupboard and we propose to transform the doors of your cupboards, your fridge, the dishwasher and the..

What training for trades decoration?

The open days to&# 039; Penninghen school With the boom of decoration, schools and courses abound, but all are not equal. If you want to steer you in that direction,..

Choosing the right curtain rod

To choose according to your style Essential to our windows, rod or curtain rod can leave us many questions! What kind of rod? What tip? What material? These are questions..

20 fancy curtains to brighten your home

Striped, floral or polka dot, make your choice! In the living room, dining room or bedroom, the curtain is the decorative object that enhances your home! Be tempted by our..

The even cheaper: a copper window

They are on a roll! decidedly seen them everywhere and they make us crack! Small copper windows, so curio cabinet, were on a roll and glide in any room of..

How I saved my wallet: the storage baskets

Deco baskets to store everything with class! If you're like us, the followers of wicker baskets to store anything lying, you have surely succumbed to the charm of Bloomingville models...

How I saved my wallet: copper

hot material which has been able to reinvent Clearly popular in the collections of all small or large signs, copper is prompt with our stylish interiors. Finished image pans hanging..

How to decorate his house with family photos?

photos Mobile remains a must in this area In the digital age, photos are accumulated each day a little more about the computer's hard disk. This trend, which tends to..

The whole universe of Keith Haring stickers

Cult patterns on your walls! The works of Keith Haring (1958-1990) are now real icons: the reasons for the artist with black lines and pop colors are recognizable among a..

Realize lanterns with peas

Your kids will finally love peas! equipment: turquoise colored layers, green, orange, pink, yellow (A4, 100 g) white adhesive pads of different diameters Roller glue Production : 5'Choix colors Tear..

Ephemeral Invasions: A shop to customize your interior

This showcase brings together the timeless collections The spirit of Invasions Ephémères is born from the idea of ​​cheerfulness in our lives! And the good news, it is now possible..

Zoom on carpets that warm home

soft mat for warm feet To keep your feet warm all winter but also warm the atmosphere of the house, we offer a beautiful carpet that will be the centerpiece..

New winter: design objects for the home

Design and accessible To decorate your home, take advantage of the winter sales to offer you design objects for the home at low prices. The wording has found for you..

Dark curtains for chic decor

Black emphasizes the decoration In the house, we often think it is better to opt for light curtains to maximize the brightness. But know that dark curtains have many strengths...

7 Christmas decoration ideas with candles

Our unusual ideas to realize a bright Christmas decor If you want to create your own Christmas decoration for your table's Eve as for your home, here are the ideas..

napkin folding technique: boot Christmas elf

Quirky and cute When Cinderella forgets his glass slipper on the steps of the dance, the Christmas elves them forget their mini boots in our Christmas Eve dinner plates. This..

Deco for a traditional Christmas

Timeless, Traditional Christmas You've never stopped to buy an Advent calendar with the approach of December, you find your inner child strolling on the Christmas markets and you choose and..

What colors to give a traditional tree?

Traditional values Choose the decoration of the Christmas tree involves creating a world that is both magical and friendly for the holidays. To make a traditional Christmas tree, attach yourself..

4 online shops for a Christmas decoration at low prices

A Christmas decoration at low prices, c&# 039; is here! J-6 before 1 December. You are surely on the starting blocks regarding your Christmas decoration. The editorial 'of Deco.fr decided..

12 ideas for decor in the stars

A poetic garland by Les Petites Emplettes The stars are no longer confined to the ephemeral Christmas decoration. They settle permanently in our homes and bring them to dream all..

What colors for a New York-style room?

Light gray to brick wall and the way wallpaper, red or metal fixtures and views of New York Question of Marion "Hello, I would like to redo my room and..

True or false floors?

An authentic oak flooring weathered by time? Attached to maintain a true spirit of our soils, often turns to the floor for warmth and comfort. But price aside, it can..

Giving an oriental style to the room to 350 euros

An oriental-inspired room The oriental style in a room creates a warm and elegant universe. For 350 euros, bring an authentic and traditional in decoration. Furniture and decorative elements with..

A kitchen in a country style

Pastel tones for a soft and bright kitchen The country style evokes you the campaign? You are right, but not only ... Since its origin suggests, the country style has..

Spotlight on a typical Greek decor

The&# 039; inner journey to the Cyclades Athens temples to the islands of Crete via a voluptuous white architecture with blue contours: Greece is undoubtedly a land of inspiration. White-washed..

BD trend illustrates Deco

Wahouuu! And much more... Wow! Crac! Dive! Splash! Cocorico! ... Onomatopoeia invaded the children's rooms. Enrolled in a bubble cut out of cardboard or reproduced in a cartoon box, it..

Focus on Native American motifs in the decor

printed Navajo The Native American motif caused a sensation in the decor. Lines, zigzag, geometric designs, warm colors and bright colors, all jostle on the cushions, carpets and bed linen..

A terrace in reclaimed material, exclusively!

Optional: red Discover video, terrace imagined only with recycled materials. Easy to reproduce, this terrace Recycling 100% was realized with 9 wooden pallets to dial the ground, 14 cases of..

Decorative Coatings: 12 scenes that bring the effect to walls

Lime, quartz crystal, natural minerals ... relief of desire, effects of light on the walls? Turn to the decorative coatings. These coatings have the particularity to offer a multitude of..

Dress the walls with plants

Our tips and inspirations to beautify your home with plants A kitchen a little sad? Too empty bathroom? Quickly a plant! Green Color the rooms in your home and bring..

How to apply a decorative plaster industrial effect?

For a city atmosphere The industrial style is very trendy for several years. And to perfect his play, nothing beats an industrial effect coating to be applied to the wall...

How to hunt club chairs?

The leather condition is a criterion to be considered Symbol of comfort and relaxation, made by craftsmen club chairs are becoming increasingly rare. A good idea to find? Make fleas!..

The Urchin Pouf, fully woolen seat

The large format knitting Wool is the indispensable with fur of a winter decor. Focus on Urchin Pouf entirely of wool. Warm, soft and furiously trend, wool comes in many..

A Mist for a healthy home

Choose your oil and its virtues! Enjoy the benefits of home aromatherapy diffusers through the mist which you will add a few drops of essential oils. For a natural odor..

Meeting with decorator Laura Gonzalez

The Bus Palladium was a challenge The young decorator Laura Gonzalez gave us a few minutes to talk about his work. She returns including its metamorphosis working for Bus Palladium..

20 atmospheres with decorative paneling

The paneling, true design solution The paneling has many virtues in addition to its insulation aspect, it now offers many decorative solutions through its wide range of models. In raw..

Christmas Decorations nature house

Colors and natural materials For Christmas, recreate your interior an atmosphere of Nordic chalet style. Back to the nature of values ​​with a decor where wood is in the spotlight!..

Decoration of corner sewing, manual

Deco couture Notice to sewing enthusiasts, beginners or advanced. To assign your passion, work space and storage worthy of the name, it's here! Diverting basic deco objects First step: give..

The shaggy carpet for high comfort

Shaggy, the&# 039; cozy atmosphere In English "shag" denotes a long locks mat. By extension "shaggy" qualifies something shaggy and hairy. Very fashionable in the 60s and 70s, the carpet..

10 decorating ideas for a charming bathroom

Softness and pleasure ... A foot tub, a wooden screen or a psyche in which many objects are candled transforming a bathroom into a charming room. Authentic without being rustic,..

The 5 reasons seaside style

1 style, 5 possibilities pattern During the summer, the seaside style is the darling! It not only brings in the holiday home but it is also very soothing. So, we..

Range of Design CD from 10 euros

An original model made from old vinyl records Used Store and organize your CD while decorating your home! Design or classic, for 10 or 100 CDs, wall or swivel, chic..

Batyline, a material resistant to the exterior

A textile remains fresh in the sun Resistant, aesthetic and ecological, coatings for garden furniture are becoming more innovative to adapt to various constraints that both environmental practices. The Batyline..

credenzas Deco for all cooking styles

Add style to your kitchen Dress her credenza wall deco wall covering has become a must to create a kitchen that has style. And we are lucky, because side decors..

Recreate the Scandinavian style home in 6 key

Rule # 1: the strong pieces in light wood You are seduced by the contemporary character, warm and green Scandinavian style? Here are 6 key to good soak the Nordic..

inflatable furniture: 2014 news

A new trend furniture The inflatable furniture exchange air to stick to the new trend. He plays the card of aesthetics in addition to being practical. Perfect to meet the..

Mistakes to avoid with a gift Deco

Avoid duplication Give a gift can be a nameless puzzle. And with the advent of decoration, one is tempted when offering to look to the decor. Tablecloth, vase, candles, tableware,..

Do you know the fatapera?

An authentic BBQ in favor of fair trade It renews the genre of the barbecue with an authentic and artisanal release. The fatapera is a barbecue came from Madagascar. It's..

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