How to build a pizza oven?

A real pizza oven at home! Some dream of a fireplace, others a summer kitchen. You, you want a pizza oven. And we understand you! Nothing beats a pizza or..

Landscape tips: a vertical garden

The user&# 039; s job to arrange a vertical garden There are about fifteen years, the famous botanist Patrick Blanc launched the fashion of green walls, transforming the facades of..

What vase for what flowers?

How to choose the vessel that will best showcase your flowers We just deliver flowers to home? You have a sacred luck! Still Will it take you to choose the..

All about melon

Charentais, yellow, smooth, ribbed ... Charentais, yellow, smooth, ribbed, there are many more or less sweet varieties but all delicious. Where do the melons? Melons belong to the Cucurbitaceae family...

What coverage for a successful picnic?

deco and comfortable picnic The summer is the season of picnics! But for a successful picnic on the grass, you will have well settled. The cover of the issue that..

XXL columns and pots for the garden

Sculptures pots The French spend more and more time and importance to their garden. This is probably why the accessories also take up the new dimensions: a size XXL. Pots..

The easiest houseplants, special beginners

Plants for everyone! Some plants are so strong, that it is not necessary to have a green thumb to create a natural space at home. Some are little hungry water,..

All about orchids care

Our tips for beautiful orchids How to care for orchids? The great diversity of orchids spread worldwide, represents a real difficulty in defining a general strategy of maintenance of these..

Mini practical and fun barbecues

Lightweight and portable ... Three years after launching the mini transportable grill Smokey Joe Weber, mini barbecue blooms in many stores ... most for a price well below 100 euros!..

Feature: in-ground

ground pool, the charm of a durable and attractive pool to cool off in summer! Nothing nicer than a dip in the azure pool or enjoy the sun's rays while..

Create a garden of aromatics for a little sun exposure

Even with&# 039; shadow, herbs s&# 039; bloom Aromatic plants have incredible benefit to perfume the garden and our kitchen. To fully enjoy it, it is possible to create a..

Featured shopping: 8 sunbeds for lazing in the garden

What would a nap in the garden without proper folding chair? Here are 8 sunbeds for&# 039; summer: comfortable, practical and full of style. You choose ! 1. Split Folding..

vs canvas umbrella: the summer duel

canvas or parasol, it decrypts three-point advantages and disadvantages of these darlings terraces, tips thrown in! Midday sun and thermometer above: Summer is here and with it its scorching temperatures..

Mistakes to avoid in planting garden plants

Tips to properly plant the garden plants It is necessary to take some precautions when planting plants in the garden. This is especially the root system must be protected for..

Step by step: make a plant suspension

Give dizzy heights to your flowers! The hanging basket: Here a device that, for a moderate cost, can produce an effect quite spectacular! Just to be convinced to watch the..

5 tips for making a decorative arbor

A decorative pergola in the heart of the garden Have a gazebo, that's good! But having a decorative arbor, it's much better. Like all arbors, arbor decor will bring you..

Varieties with beautiful fall foliage

What trees grow to have a beautiful garden in the fall? Some gardens are even more beautiful in autumn and spring. The colorful and massive green harmonies give way to..

What color to my teak furniture?

Teak allows many color side Associations Teak is a precious wood from Asia. Prized for its strength, it is naturally rot. Thus it is generally used for making flooring for..

Customize your Ikea furniture with legs Pretty Pegs

Focus on the happy customization! At a time when the Ikea hacking - this activity to divert and revamp the furniture of the Swedish giant - in full swing, Jana..

A futon bed for Zen decor in the room

Japanese-effect If you care to place the year 2012 under the sign of zen, rely primarily on the decor of the room! With a futon on the floor or on..

12 environmentalists mirrors

A mirror made from wooden pallets recovered Clever, practical feng shui, the mirror is also green. Recycled paper, wood from sustainably managed forests or recycled materials, it adapts to all..

Storage for my towels in the bathroom

Ranger style To store your towels in style in the bathroom, sometimes just take the right cabinet. Metal to play the card goes everywhere, wood to give life to the..

DIY gift: origami make a great keychain Dad

A great homemade gift for a great dad Here's a simple idea and original DIY to do to children to make a gift for dad for Father's Day. For this..

Video sewing: Use stretch stitches

The user&# 039; s job to use sewing stretch stitches You want to sew stitches, but you can not find the appropriate point? You want to make beautiful works both..

Tuto kids: painted pumpkins for Halloween

One of Deco&# 039; easy Halloween for the whole family! Halloween pumpkins, it looks nice, but when one was not born on the other side of the Atlantic, it is..

10 gift ideas for lovers of DIY

Gifts that will melt the hearts of lovers of DIY! Your mom loves to create custom maps? Your best friend spends hours in his next note deco creations? So to..

Tuto kids: the pots customized characters

Turn your flower pots Barba bribes! Sewing, crafts, DIY, nothing stops Aurélie! For almost three years, this young French-Danish mom shares her talent and inspirations on his blog the fantasies..

Tutorial: make a concrete stool

August & Claire is one of those blogs that deserve to be better known! Retrieve, DIY and diversions, it is full of creative ideas accessible to all, in a spirit..

Tutorial: make her cake display

To showcase your pretty sweet creations, I give you a simple idea to make yourself a modern cake stand. You are proud of your homemade cakes, is not it? And..

Tutorial: fabricating a plant for suspending trapilho

Make yourself a decorative suspended! Nothing like a nice green plant to give a living and warmth to a room. Add to that a suspension trapilho and you have a..

Tutorial: build a garage for auto thumbnail

A DIY to do with kids! If there is a good toy that is much appreciated by children and adults, it is the miniature cars! Whether luxury car replicas or..

Tutorial: an illuminated marine rope

A simple tutorial to achieve, even for those who n&# 039; no sea legs! Because the use of Christmas lights in your home should not be limited to the Christmas..

Meeting with the creative Chipie La Galette

I used to say I have small hands full of fingers! The multifaceted designer, Véronique Pulby us into the world of "Sassy La Galette" Who are you, Veronica (aka "Sassy..

Video sewing: choose a patchwork pattern

The user&# 039; s job to choose a patchwork pattern Want to make a quilt, but you do not really have any clear idea of ​​model? You want to make..

Knitting: Learn to make a horizontal buttonhole

Before you start to realize your buttonhole, you need to measure the size of your button. To do this, place the button on your knitting and count the number of..

Couture: learn the zigzag stitch

The zigzag stitch is one of the most common points at the sewing machine. It is used to overcast tissues, that is to say, sew the edge of a piece..

Tutorial: a light carpet Crochet

Make a very original bright carpet [news: 739,825 Hook]! Very interesting to use in decoration, lighting aesthetics are also useful. With the tutorial of the day, the term bright idea..

Tutorial: create flowery letters

declarations&# 039; love mood of the day, sentence of&# 039; humor ... say it with flowers! Notice to grooms stressed by preparations for their wedding: Natalie comes to your rescue!..

Tutorial: sun setting origami

Small folds for big effects DIY jewelry, decoration, recycling craft, and snapshots of life, the blog That's all i am is a mixture as we like. Behind these creations, these..

In drawing: recycle your cans into beautiful lanterns Spring

Softness guaranteed around the garden table! With spring, the long evenings on the terrace are back ... So for those sweet moments of the evening are perfectly successful, remember to..

Video: create a slate table

An original slate and personal Today on we propose to create a personalized slate. For the shopping list, a note or a reminder ... discover video stages of manufacture...

Meet the designer Catherine Martini

I am a painter specializing in gluttony! During the course of creative leisure, you can find it in the place of the teacher or the student. All that matters for..

Tutorial: a geometric blotter Felt

Create this pretty underhanded in felt to protect your desk! Give some balls of wool and needles to Aline, she will do you wonders! This knitting passionate sharing all her..

Video sewing: make a ruched

The user&# 039; s job to make a ruched You want a bit of whimsy in your wardrobe? Looking for a solution to give volume to a garment, while retaining..

Tutorial: recycle old books to make an original bedside table

A DIY surprising result! If like me you struggle to throw a book principle but you do not have unlimited storage space, I might be a good compromise for you..

I tested for you: the Patamould Cleopatra

The use of Patamould requires no special tools: everything is done by hand Everybody knows Cleopatra adhesives of the sweet smell, scented with almond, become in a few years the..

Tutorial: DIY a tablet pocket

A DIY which rhymes geek and chic! Because your beloved tablet or eReader adored deserves a nice setting, today it offers a DIY to make yourself a tablet for cover...

What colors to the wall with a gray pearl tiles and wenge furniture?

The mole for a beautiful harmony Question Dorothy "I am building a house and I need tips to harmonize my tiles 60 x 60 cm pearl gray color with wenge..

What colors to choose to address the lack of light?

Change the color of the walls to overlook the lack of light Natural light has a direct impact on health and morale because it is necessary for maintaining biological rhythms..

What colors associated with a flea market style?

Flea and colors, the perfect wedding The flea market style involves a mixture of objects and furniture of a bygone era. A variation of genres charm insane, a nostalgic thing...

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