The mustard yellow noted our decor!

In very clean atmospheres, mustard stimulates the&# 039; atmosphere Fashionistas crack all this fall to mustard yellow. Deco fans will also have their dose! In the house, decorative objects and..

Trend nude in the decor!

A real color code Everyone or almost ever heard of nude style whether in fashion or decoration. But what is it really? For that is made this trend and how..

After sunset yellow, mustard yellow place!

Wake up your decor with yellow mustard The yellow sun has been our rhythm but just got upstaged by mustard yellow for our winter deco. Duller and less flamboyant, it..

What color to the floor with a kitchen with brown and white furniture?

Beige or taupe ground Question Christelle "Hi, I'm building and I chose a brown lacquered kitchen with white worktop. I do not know what color to choose for the tiled..

Before / After: renovating his kitchen with less than 1000 €

Transforming her kitchen at reduced prices, it is possible! Debohra blogger, the blog DeboBrico, opened the doors of her kitchen, she renovated from floor to ceiling at mini prices. His..

How to use white vinegar for the maintenance of the kitchen?

Economic and ecological Economic, ecological, and high-performance, white vinegar is a maintenance product to have at home. For cleaning your kitchen, it's even your best friend. It detaches, it disinfects..

The most beautiful dispenser towel World

So far, in the world of unwinding paper towel dispensers or paper towel or paper towel dispenser (it interests so many people that we have not even managed to agree..

The rustic tile authentic decor

Timeless style The rustic tile has the advantage of easily fit in a classic decor with its timeless look. particularly preferred rustic and minds campaign for the reassuring appearance they..

The kitchen children: kitchen cabinets

It's almost Christmas ! And if offered our children a kitchen cabinet? I admit, it's a zero intro inspiration, but hey, sometimes it simple and short is not worse! So..

cookbooks Review: 30 minutes flat Jamie Oliver

Every month, two cookbooks just published are subject to my eyes non-expert cook: educational quality of the book, accessible recipes, aesthetics, diversity of ingredients and testing of recipes ... Everything..

My computer aided kitchen

Alternative to software stores: buy a kitchen design software When you want a kitchen, there is a choice between going to a kitchen designer that makes you all, including plans,..

I tested for you: Balance connect Cooking Tefal

The balance connected to the test A kitchen scale connected? I do not deny that when I saw that this was, I wondered what he could bring more food. My..

How to install curtains in the kitchen?

decorative element in its own right, the kitchen curtains should be chosen with care! Before installing them, so read our valuable advice ... Install curtains in a kitchen requires consideration..

All to store the coffee pods

No more unsightly coffee packs in the kitchen! 1. Set of three storage boxes for 18 Senseo coffee sold on Amazon 25,59 € 2. tea capsules Drawer Storage Box coffee..

What barstool choose?

Tips to get it right at the time of purchase Like all the kitchen furniture, bar stool should not choose lightly. If you plan to acquire one (or more) soon,..

Farewell cooking, credenza bars become storage rack!

Unexpected storage space Latest scoop in the running: the credenza bar leaves the kitchen. The cause of the rupture occurring after years of living together? The spring cleaning. Since their..

Mistakes to avoid in the implementation of a kitchen

Our advice to a functional kitchen When designing the kitchen, it is important to determine the arrangement of the elements of the room. The implementation must follow some rules to..

Go to the color in the kitchen

Adhesive decorations that renew the genre! Want to change the kitchen, without breaking the bank or break everything? This is the time to adopt Stickolors, a new concept of adhesive..

Electric slow cookers to monitor … the kids!

Before I give you false hope: no I will not speak of&# 039; a slow cooker with integrated webcam but who knows, we'll talk can be in five years. Nothing..

The Moulinex Soup & amp; Co gives vapors

Having tested the device Soup & Co ago shortly, I could appreciate the advantages but also the shortcomings. In the list of things to improve, I found a pity not..

And if it was equipped with designer SMEG fridge?

When technology meets design This summer, all kinds of frozen delicacies fill freezers. This is an opportunity to change the fridge! And if we offered a SMEG device? Halfway between..

The even cheaper: a professional coffee

An espresso machine for coffee pro Start the day off right with a cup of coffee ... we dream! But for this, it must first be well equipped! Well known..

Choose the vacuum of a studio

So small that these vacuums take in hand The good news, when you move into a studio is that the surface to suck is limited. The bad is that you..

A compact dishwasher to save space in the kitchen

Small dimensions s&# 039; integrate all To save space in the kitchen, simply reduce the size of household items. So if you need more space or simply if you are..

Unusual: the quilt is reinventing itself!

The new accessories cocooning For some time, cocooning witnessing a real revolution! The traditional quilt is reinventing itself to help you warm up. We discover two unusual creations: the Ponchocouette,..

From 0 to 18 months, the decor that helps to grow

A changing environment with&# 039; child Trust the baby to accompany what is best for him: this is the principle of an educational approach that more and more followers. Inspired..

A wall aquarium for your living room

Finished the cleanup! Nature and its soothing benefits come into your living room with this high-tech wall mounted aquarium. Dreaming of an aquarium but you do not have enough space..

How to customize its toilets?

With the wallpaper setting, you can reinvent your decoration every day It would be wrong to deprive customize its toilets. First, because you are going still nearly four years of..

How to paint a room with white, plum and violet?

A two-tone wall in front of the window and the other walls white Question Carole "Good evening, I want to repaint the currently all-white room of my 4 year old..

Deco and practical cabinets for the bedroom

In lack of storage in the room? Here are our four tips for choosing the&# 039; wardrobe that will change your life - at least in your room! Not easy..

An industrial Room 6 lessons

How to create an industrial atmosphere in the room No need for a loft or large metal beams to adopt an industrial design! Fortunately, sometimes just small parts accessible to..

trend colors for the nursery

Gray, taupe, beige! In the nursery, blue and pink pastel colors are not the color of choice! Indeed, parents are gradually turning to color trend that is found in the..

Tips to decorate the wall tiles

A new look at lower cost You find that your white wall tiles is a bit sad, but you do not want to change? Know that you can give it..

How to integrate the stone in my hallway?

Allow between 20 and 150 € per m² stone The corridor, we cross it, we are not living. But that does not stop to give her a real decorative touch...

10 dining room chairs that have less than 100 euros style

Just mix the styles, colors and shapes to imagine a mix table & match The dining room chairs typically complete the decoration of the space dedicated to food. They are..

The storage accessories for teens

All for that&# 039; they dissociate storage and drudgery The teen room is not a room, it's a mini-studio where young people seeking refuge independence and cram everything! Even if..

Stairs to the card to suit any décor

Staircase chocolate finish wood with metal mixed ramp Custom almost for this new collection of stairs to the map: they are in total more than 200 possible combinations with a..

A room in neutral colors for baby

The neutral color has a calming influence If baby arrives or just born, you are definitely looking for decorating ideas for her room. If the universe newborn is rather akin..

3 ideas to give a masculine style to a room

Noble materials The room is the perfect room to give a masculine style that is both chic and stylish for a warm and cozy atmosphere. Here's how to give a..

A facelift to my laundry for less than 200 euros

Aeration of the room It is true that the laundry room is a room in which you never dwell too. Maybe because she did not really breathes new! Yet with..

Video: Customize a game table for children

Reinterpret an original way table These are the holidays, you must occupy your little darlings. So here is a step to achieve with your children that will allow them to..

8 bath bridges from 36 euros

Ask scented candles ... Have you ever heard of bath bridges or bath bridges? These bath accessories that one gets in the tub in order to put all the products..

Gray mouse for a deco very soft!

Natural colors are trends In the house, the natural colors are trendy because they bring softness and comfort in the rooms they dress. Among the best of winter, the gray..

In summer, the Home Staging is invited in your room

You want the decor of your room up to date? Home Staging, economical and effective, is probably the solution that&# 039; you need! Summer is a time for the meetings...

Sophie the Giraffe celebrates 50 years

50 years of complicity with children Who does not know the famous toy Sophie the Giraffe? The children's accomplice is celebrating its 50-year career! Moreover, it is no longer just..

Nonah: children’s furniture, beautiful and green

The most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and sales possible ... We did not dwell on the fact that children's furniture is aesthetically very successful, because it is a fact that..

“Cats” brings the African savannah in the children’s room

Africa destination "Cats" is the sublime Disney movie released last month on the lives of lions and cheetahs in Kenya. True story since it was filmed directly in the savannah..

How to maintain a generator?

Writing answers you Question: "What maintenance for a generator? " Answer: it is necessary to check the oil level, clean the plug and air filter (to be changed every year)..

Pretty boxes for clothes

An organized storage If you already have the habit of using them in the children's room to store toys or in the office to organize the papers, boxes are also..

My dishes pastel trend table

To bring a little sweetness table If you too have succumbed to the gentle and romantic pastel colors, make your table with delicate items mint green, blue or pink cloud..

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