Our selection of teapots, perfect for tea breaks

Choosing the right pot for serving tea time 1. Cast Iron Teapot Mona Paragraph 34.99 € 2. 3. Teapot earth Gong Fu Cha tea Palace 27 € 4. Teapot patterned..

Choose my Christmas table setting

Tableware party! Recap: the tree is done, DIY gifts are ongoing and normally (at least if you followed the schedule) the theme for your Christmas table is selected. Finally the..

Essentials of a chic aperitif

Chic accessories For an appetizer worthy of the name, forget the plates and plastic glasses to create a very chic! We then put on designer accessories and beautiful dishes. Here..

Video: personalized runner words

Use the marking tape to write straight The words in the decor still have their place. Dress up a path by writing a phrase that says something about your friendship..

Compile a nice table without breaking the bank

Deco maximum, minimum price Receiving is an art, even on budget! Thankfully for the wallet, there are inexpensive and effective tips to make a nice table. Follow the guide !..

The even cheaper: a cup enamel

A comeback in our kitchens If like us you like authentic dishes, you surely must crack for parts enamel that make a comeback in our kitchens. This week, the editorial..

Deco tips to change a room volumes

A clear ceiling will increase the height of&# 039; room We all have stress in our homes or apartments: too small or too narrow room, too low or too high..

How to repaint badly damaged ceilings?

Scrape, recap, apply a glass cloth and repainted Question Sandrine "I bought an apartment but the ceilings are very damaged, how can I take them? Thank you for your reply...

Felt: materials and advice

Practical, it does not require&# 039; hem. It is still often confused in people's minds with felt, based on synthetic fibers, unlike him, poor resistance to friction and wear. The..

How I saved my wallet: cement tiles

Succumb to the charm and the&# 039; authenticity of cement tiles The charm of the cement tile has cracked more than one since their comeback in our interiors. With their..

How I saved my wallet: brass

The cousin copper s&# 039; calls in our decor After the copper, it is the turn of brass break you down! With its beautiful golden hue, it is a true..

Sol stained concrete

Like the kitchen, there is the theory and practice Indeed, thanks to the natural pigments, the smoothing effects of patina, the inclusion in the mass of pebbles, wood ... your..

Interior doors: the mistakes to avoid

Always think about the circulation in your home A renovation as construction, be careful to buy your doors including the front door: catch ratings, sense of pushing deco appearance. Deciphering..

Ask flashing and flashing door

You have a fireplace. To you sweet winter evenings by the fire, as long as you seal your chimney stack. A solution: the flashing, also ideal for sealing walls of..

Design a passive house plan

You want to build a friendly home environment. This starts from the design on the drawing board. Indeed, a passive house, it does not just happen. The more it has..

Dyson Hot AM05 blowing cold and hot

Last night I was invited to Dyson for the presentation of their latest inventions. There was first of all a demonstration of the new Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner which I..

Metal staircase: how to clean and maintain?

My metal staircase like new! Whether your metal staircase is located inside or outside of your home, it requires regular maintenance to prevent it covers over time stains or rust...

Lay tiles for outside

For tiled terrace or the edge of a pool, the method remains essentially the same as for indoor installation, except that all the materials are not suited to the vagaries..

Before / After: Give the style and brightness to a U-shaped kitchen

After work, the kitchen takes a sober look bright Welcome to Denver, USA, to Anna and Austin Smith. The young couple had the chance to realize his dream by buying..

How to effectively organize painting at home?

See our tips and various essential steps for good s&# 039; organize when you want to undertake painting home. You move or you want to see the decor of your..

Ask a stair carpet

The stair mats offer the same aesthetic benefits and noise that carpets. They are usually recommended to cover the stairs with a beautiful original appearance. Above all, their installation is..

What porphyry pavement?

Writing answers you Question: "What porphyry pavement and what are its benefits? " Answer: unalterable pad to play with colors. Porphyry, quartz diorite or is a hard rock born of..

Can I install power outlets in a bathroom?

Writing answers you Question: "Is it possible to install power outlets in a bathroom? " Answer: yes, 60 cm minimum distance from water point. The bathrooms are subject to stringent..

Before / after relooking of the apartment of a book lover

Redistribute parts&# 039; an apartment to gain in brightness, such was the&# 039; aim of the before / after: a successful bet and original result! The owner of this apartment..

Making a ridge flashing over

Particularly exposed to the elements, apex are a sensitive area of ​​the roof. Their consolidation to ensure their sealing is required and the application of a flashing (masonry unit) is..

What a difference between air and hydraulic lime for mortar?

Writing answers you Question: "What difference is there between aerial and hydraulic lime for mortar? " Answer: the lime undergoes many transformations, hydraulic lime is from the argillaceous limestone. Although..

How to install a shower curtain without making holes in the walls?

Writing answers you Question: "How to install a shower curtain without making holes in the walls? " Answer: with a suction apparatus. There are different ways to install a shower..

What a difference between a heater and a hot water tank?

Writing answers you Question: "Water heaters, hot water cylinder: what difference? " Answer: the hot water tank is a system build with a large container, the water heater is more..

The decoration of furniture stenciled

Create your own shelving can be adapted to the available space Keep it simple A painted decoration on a desk is not a table too complex pattern is not "readable"..

8 tips to protect themselves from the heat at home

Turn off computer, TV and lights It's hot. Very hot, even. So if you do not have air conditioner, these few tips full of good sense will make you lose..

How old wood a work plan?

Use a patina to age Question of user: "Hello, I bought my house and I intended to keep the kitchen to renovate (savings). I planned to paint the colors of..

Although his store firewood

Although his store firewood, c&# 039; is maximize efficiency An effective firewood must be perfectly dry. It is therefore crucial to store it in the best conditions and for a..

The door curtains for separating the workpiece

An original separation Separate spaces without closing them possible: just replace traditional doors with curtains. More user-friendly, this solution will also allow light. son curtains, beads or traditional veils, alternatives..

Making a storage panel for tools

Good organization is essential to find tools and keep them in good condition. Easy to make and an affordable cost, making a perforated storage panel is also very fast. Making..

Before / after: a Lyon apartment of 68m²

A brighter mezzanine and full of&# 039; humor This weaver apartment, typical of the area of ​​Croix Rousse in Lyon, has been completely redesigned by interior designer Céline Bizet to..

Clean terrace

When the warm weather arrives, the desire to enjoy the garden and al fresco dining is often felt. So as not to spoil the pleasure, it may be worth considering..

Which wood to choose a staircase?

Writing answers you Question: "What wood is most suitable for a staircase? " Answer: the tree for its price, maple, ash and beech for resistance, the oak for its authenticity...

What automatic door to my garage?

Sectional doors limit heat loss. The choice of a particular type of automatic garage door depends on several parameters: the space available inside and outside the garage, the size of..

What flooring choice for the bathroom?

Vinyl, tile or carpet? If the tiles are a safe bet in the bathroom, other coatings are however possible! Thus, the tile is now competing with the floor vinyl and..

Ask a concrete roof

Why a concrete roof? Because concrete is probably the best sound insulation and that it is also an excellent thermal insulator. The concrete tiles Concrete tiles offer exceptional durability. This..

RT 2012: what is it?

It requires a high-performance housing insulation. RT 2012: probably have you heard this barbaric form. This is the thermal regulation that starts now to come into force. But what is..

How to make wall tile is right?

Writing answers you Question: "What method to ensure wall tiles right? " A. nailing a wooden stick perfectly straight and tile from the corner of the wall. To lay tiles..

I built my wooden house kit

The testimony of Peggy and Alexandra, who have engaged in&# 039; s adventure&# 039; autoconstruction Do you dream of building your own home ... if you launch into the adventure..

What is a double-walled tubing?

Writing answers you Question: "A double wall casing, what is it? " Answer: This is a casing reinforced by a stainless steel wool insulation layer of compressed rock, the external..

A bypass filter is effective against scale?

Writing answers you Question: "What is the effectiveness of a bypass filter against limescale? " Answer: The bypass filter prevents limestone into tartar and clog the pipes. The bypass filter,..

I found my little staircase saves space

A staircase to the minimum space Anna, after much research, found a small spiral staircase and not Japanese to his little apartment. A true space-saving thanks to its small footprint!..

Before / after: transform any room and bathroom minimalist room design

New contemporary look for the bathroom The French spend more and more time in the bathroom every day. Over the decades, this small room has abandoned his cold and functional..

Before / After: Enlarge a house through a contemporary extension

Shock makeover for this little house in the Paris suburbs! The space saving is one of the perpetual quest of our generation. Individuals today enjoy the spacious, which let light..

How to repaint a waxed paint?

A covering paint s&# 039; apply on wax Wall Question by Michel "I have to repaint the walls with acrylic paint but they are currently with a waxed paint do..

My design ideas for a clean family room

Alicia, lifestyle blog, outings, fashion and home Doudou Stiletto and decrypts for us Paragraph news for September 2016. Focus on the show, we want more than ever simple, welcoming, cozy..

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